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02 October 2017
Olerom Forum 1

From September 30 to October 1, the "Olerom Forum One" business forum was held in the Sports Palace of Kiev. During the forum, were speakers such as Marshall Goldsmith, Adam Cheyer, Charles Adler, Ilya Laurs, Nikolai Palienko. A special speaker was Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple.

The team of the UPO "New Frontiers" were volunteers at this forum together with the guys from the Kharkov organization "K.I.N.G", who have been organizing such trips outside the city of Kharkov for a number of years. Kharkiv volunteers along with Kievsky conducted accreditation of participants, helped with the distribution of gifts, assisted the speaker on the stage, coordinated the participants in the forum's extension.
After Steve Wozniak's speech, an Afterparty evening was organized, at which participants could share their opinions about the forum and exchange contacts.

It should be noted that the forum of this format is already held in two, and this year it gathered 7000 participants, among whom were representatives of various business areas from different regions of Ukraine.